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What I want is a page of this age.
You can't take away my heart; No one can break it.
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28th-Mar-2017 05:28 pm - Hiiiiiii~ ♥
伊野尾慧 。F.U.

Lorelie ☆ Lai ☆ Elly ☆ KBB03♪ ☆ 20

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Friends only because most entries will be locked. Kindly PM me with a brief intro about yourself? (Name, location, how you find me, etc.) Thanks! ♥

29th-Sep-2011 12:16 am(no subject)
伊野尾慧 。F.U.
★ So Typhoon "Pedring" (I don't know his international name :o ) has left and another typhoon is coming. And there have been affected, flooded areas hope it won't get worse when the other typhoon comes. :S Ahhhh do not want power interruptions anymore! ;o; Everyone here in the building is like, panic buying (I wonder if 711's had a replenishment delivery already?) :o |D It wasn't easy since all of our stuff, including the stove is electric, can't even cook food. Sucks, really. Electricity came back this morning but it's rather limited and appliances don't work normally. They say they're still not sure when they'll be able to fix all of the electricity problems orz orz anyways yay I was able to open the pc tonight! ;o;

★ ......and so IDN is finished and Ouran's ending this Friday. ;o; I need to catch up on the other dramas this weekend! And the new dramas too! *u* 

★ Perfume's Spice covers are so stunning! ♥

★ Orientation for work tomorrow! 8D Can't believe I'll start on Monday already! Still shocked that the orientation is at 10:30 PM. Meh, work demands time flexibility and stuff. Must not lose to stress! がんばります!!

★ I told my friend that I wanted to get my hair beached and dyed Blonde. She said she wants to do it too. Read last Tuesday that said friend had her hair dyed Blonde. :/ I lost interest in it. Must think of new plan for hair.

★ I am tempted to do memes because I am bored and journal is empty. |D

Vote for #5 please? :> /shameless plugging, etc. |D

★ Hello to tsukihoshino & kurisuchiin_ccb! And good night all. ♥
23rd-Sep-2011 04:02 am - Happy 薮 and 伊野尾 day!
薮宏太 。Happy dance
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2nd-Aug-2011 01:29 am - Kawaii desu ne...
伊野尾慧 。F.U.
...Ren's smile, I mean. 8D
Was supposed to post something a few days back but I got a little annoyed when lj refused to let me upload userpics. Then I got lazy. |D

I'm supposed to be asleep now but darn my body clock's so messed up. I shouldn't have slept this afternoon but if I didn't I'd be awake for more than a day already. XDAnd maybe posting can help me call out to the sandman so he can visit me already? loljk XD

What's new? I'm currenty on drama high this season. So many dramas to watch! ;o; Currently addicted to IDN (well, obviously XD), Ouran HS Host Club, Meitantei Conan (surprisingly!), and Zenkai Girl and Arakawa Under the Bridge! Still need to catch up on Hana Kimi 2011 and Hanawake no Yon Shimai though, and I'm thinking of watching Jiu, Soredemo, Ikite Yuku and Don Quixote too next time! XD

What I love about these dramas?

Drama flails! Might spoil you a little if you haven't watched them yet :xCollapse )
There. I'm still not sleepy wth. Anyways, will try to sleep soon or else Tin will scold me tmr lols! :))))))
Good mornight! :>
6th-Jul-2011 11:14 pm - Honesty meme, yeah. >___
伊野尾慧 。F.U.
my thread
23rd-Jun-2011 06:14 pm - ii ne?
伊野尾慧 。F.U.

Taken at 5:13 pm today. After 45 minutes, it looks like this:

/random post is random
伊野尾慧 。F.U.


I feel bad for not being able to prepare better since last year's post. Anyways, you know you're already awesome, at least for me you are. XDD And sorry for those times when I said "Who is Inoo Kei?" |D LOL 

Also, thank you for stealing me back from Haruma with this: 

But, forgive me if I flail a lot for Hikaru, just for the Ikemen desu ne season, or maybe, for the whole time that he's blonde. XD Don't worry, your hair looks awesome, really. Let it stay that way, okay? ♥
Also, happy birthday to Alice aliciaswr ! Hope you had a blast! Also, to my HS English professor whom I had liked/hated at the same time lololol happy birthday sir A! :D
17th-Aug-2010 09:15 am - Pimpin' XD
伊野尾慧 。F.U.
Johnny's Junior Friending Meme

Yeah! XD
10th-Jul-2010 09:39 pm - Happy 4th birthday Eysiwan! <3
伊野尾慧 。F.U.
 Happy 4th anniversary/birthday to Eysiwan! It's been 4 years already, my College friends. :)

I'm gonna be a little bit cheesy. XD

Eysiwan, thanks for making my college life soooooo fun. If not for you guys, I would've been a loner. XD I'm very happy that I met you all. Hope we stay friends for long. I love you guys. :"> ♥

Looking forward to our anniversary outing/team building on the 24th! \o/

Just wanna share our "music video" made by Louie. :)

1st-Jul-2010 02:48 pm - I passed! XDDDDD
伊野尾慧 。F.U.
Oh yes! I passed Phil. Constitution! Yatta! Yay! Wooooooooooooh! I'm so happy! XD

MySpace MySpace MySpace MySpace MySpace MySpace

Hahahaha! I'm crazy! XD
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